McManis Family Vineyards Zinfandel 2015

Price: $9.49 at Total Wine

Style: The “Lady Edith” (Lighter body with some interesting tastes beyond basic fruits.)

Rating: “Ok”

Recommendation: “Have a glass or two”


The McManis offers fair value, but has some minor imperfections even at this price.  First, it’s definitely got a bit of tingling acidity right in the mid-palate. Great for a Pinot Grigio, but distracting for a Zinfandel. Second, it’s a little dilute compared to many of the other offerings this month. The finish was also quite short.

On the positive side, the flavors were nicely composed with both red fruits and dark fruits represented and some earthy flavors tying it all together. No spice or pepper to speak of.  I’m also happy to report that this was not an overly sweet syrup bomb; instead displaying a drier version of Zinfandel.

I’m borderline on this one, but with the negatives I outlined above, I’m going to have to go with “Ok”, rather than “Good”. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t be disappointed if I picked up a bottle of this for $10.

Winemaker’s Notes:

Our 2015 Lodi Zinfandel shows juicy bright red fruits with soft supple tannins. With aromas of ripe red currants and fresh Strawberries, the wine is medium dark purple. This wine shows many characteristics of other classic Lodi Zinfandels.
The grapes for our 2015 Zinfandel were harvested between Sept. 10 – 12, with an average Brix of 25.4. After 7-9 days of stainless steel fermentation on the skins, the must was pressed and the wine finished fermentation. The wine was then aged, on average, for 4-6 months with a combination of new and used, French and American Oak.

More info:

I’ve previously tasted both the McManis Petite Sirah and Pinot Noir and enjoyed them both very much. Varietaly correct and good quality at a very good price.  Although their Zin was not a homerun for me, I’d definitely be willing to come back and try other McManis Family offerings.

McManis Vineyard
Credit: McManis Family Vineyards website

According to the winery website, “The McManis family has been farming in the northern interior region of California for five generations. In 1990, fourth generation farmer Ron McManis, and his wife Jamie founded the McManis Family Vineyards. Currently, they farm over 2,700 acres of premium wine grapes located within the premier growing areas of the northern interior. In 1998, the company designed and built a state-of-the-art winery and today the McManis Family Vineyards label comprises a range of red and white varietals sourced from ten estate vineyards.”

McManis Zinfandel Rating


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