Here’s what we drank in 2017!

2017 Consumed Wines by Score

I know it’s a little late, but here’s the recap of what VinCrush guzzled   drank  consumed tasted this year.  Always fun to look back, reflect, and learn from another year of wine exploration! If you really pay attention to what you’re drinking, you’ll learn how to buy the right bottles for your personal taste and budget moving forward!

Here’s what I learned looking back

  • We drank 111 bottles.  1/3 of a bottle per day.  About 2 glasses.
  • About half of them scored over 88. The range was 82 to 94.
  • The average price of each bottle was $17.32.  The average value (based on retail and auction) was $18.97.  So, on average, I managed to buy bottles at 10% below market prices.  🙂
  • Prices “kind of” correlated to price. Very loosely, higher prices equated to higher ratings. But under $15, you can see huge variation.  Some great bottles and some rotten bottles. That’s why VinCrush exists… to sift the good from the bad at that lower price point!

2017 Price by Ratings

  • Over half of our bottles came from the US.  Not surprising when we’re aiming for “value”.  But I’d like to try harder to broaden our horizons a bit in 2018.

2017 Consumed by Country

  • On the other hand, we did a really good job of drinking a wide variety of grapes and blends!

2017 Consumed by Varietal

All in all, I’d call 2017 a successful year of wine learning, exploring, and enjoyment!  I hope your’s was as great as ours!

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