Trapiche Malbec

Price: $6.49 at Total Wine

Style: The “Anna”

Rating: “Good”

Recommendation: “Grab a few bottles”


Although not as complex and interesting as the Gascon, this is a very smooth and pleasant red wine at this price. I very much enjoyed this bottle… it’s just that it doesn’t taste like a Malbec so much as a generic red blend.

The mild nose shows cherries and plums with just a dollop of rubbing alcohol buried deep. That touch of alcohol burned off completely by day 2. In the mouth, this is smooth, medium-light body, well balanced, and easy drinking. Both tannin and acidity are detectable, but just barely. The flavors are basic fruits, led by cherries and plums.

Again, this is not complex and not really “malbec-y”, but it is very easy to drink and a great price.

Winemaker Notes

The Trapiche Vineyards tier is a collection of hand-harvested wines from grapes grown at 2,000 feet in elevation in Mendoza and aged in stainless steel tanks to bring out the fruit and acidity, providing fresh, pure flavors.

A rich, red-colored wine with violet hues, reminiscent of plums and cherries. Round in the mouth with a touch of truffle and vanilla.

More info:

Founded in 1883, Trapiche is one of the oldest wine producers in Argentina. They currently contract with more than 200 independent producers covering more than 2,400 acres throughout the Mendoza region. The winery is one of the larger producers in Argentina, producing more than 133 million cases of wine per year and is available in over 80 countries.

This super-cool Trapiche winery was remodeled in 2008 and is open daily for tours.

Trapiche is owned by Wine Group (, who also owns such very common brands as Cupcake, Franzia, and Fisheye. They’re the second largest producer of wine on the planet.

Popular brands produced by The Wine Group



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