Antisto Malbec 2013 – Cahors, France

Price: $14.99 at Total Wine

Style: The “Tom”

Rating: “Ok”

Recommendation: “Have a glass or two”


On the nose, this was like a “baby” version of the Gascon with some smoked meats, sweet cherry, assorted dark fruits, and a touch of vanilla from the oak. Although more muted than the Gascon, this seemed to have some promise. Unfortunately, it didn’t perform as well on the palate as it did on the nose. There was some initial acidity combined with rough dryness that detracted from flavors. The acidity did balance itself out with more air, but the rough tannins (dryness) didn’t want to budge. Additionally, it just felt a little flat and thin. The flavors were ok, but the structure just wasn’t there… Possibly the result of the very difficult 2013 vintage in France. All-in-all, I consider this an “ok” wine, but at this price, definitely not worth more than a bottle.

Winemaker Notes:

The wine has a dark, but brilliant ruby-red color and the bouquet features red fruit aromas with understated vanilla overtones. Antisto is round and fruity on the palate with cherry, plum, and liquorish flavours, as well as a velvety texture and a long aftertaste.

The technical sheet on this wine can be found here as a PDF:

More info:

Cahors is an AOC region in southwest France known for being the original home of the Malbec grape variety. Learn more at: 

2013 is regarded as one of the most difficult French vintages in the last 20-30 years, so our expectations shouldn’t be too high for most run-of-the-mill wines.

This wine is produced by Georges Vigouroux which produces many high-end and value wines in Cahors, as well as a smaller number of value Malbecs in Argentina. 




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