Rex Goliath Pinot Noir – Shockingly good for the “El Cheapo” bottle of the competition


Rex Goliath Pinot Noir Rating

Price: $6.99 at Total Wine 

Style: The “Anna” (Medium body with fairly simple and straight-forward fruit flavors.)

Rating: “Ok”

Recommendation: “Have a glass or two”


Ok… Let’s get real… it’s a $7 bottle of Pinot Noir. If your expectations are high for a $7 bottle of PN, I question your expectations. I personally approached this bottle with very low expectation and was completely surprised by how good it actually was. It’s certainly not going to hold a candle to a $30 bottle but, not only does it drink well for a $7 bottle, it drinks well for a $10-$15 bottle. The nose has medium strength led by fruit and supported by oaky smokiness. On the palate, it’s fairly well balanced and flavorful. Finish is pretty short but, again, what exactly do you expect here. All-in-all, this bottle is definitely worth a go if you’re looking for an inexpensive light red.

Winemaker’s Notes:

 A deep red color and pleasant aromas are offset by a dry, harmonic blend of black cherry with a touch of vanilla that stays on the tongue to produce a pleasant finish. With true varietal flavors and an easy drinking, fruit-forward profile, this Pinot Noir reaches a fine balance between soft and subtle, and complex and BOLD.

More Info:

Rex Sangria

Not usually a great sign when the winery’s website prominently features Sangria as the best way to consume their wine!  credit:

Their website doesn’t say a whole lot about the wines.  But, it does tell you about the rooster, so here you have it….

At the turn of the 20th century, HRM (His Royal Majesty) Rex Goliath was the treasured attraction of a Texas circus. People came from far and wide to behold the 47 lb. bird, billed as the “World’s Largest Rooster.” Our label replicates the one-of-a-kind vintage artwork from the circus banner that hung above Rex’s roost, and we proudly honor Rex with our premium varietal wines.

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