Ravenswood Zen of Zin 2014

Price: $8.49 at Total Wine

Style: The “Tom” (Medium body and power with some interesting tastes beyond basic fruits.)

Rating: “Good”

Recommendation: “Grab a few bottles”


We’re starting off the Zinfandel challenge on the right foot!  The Zen of Zin gives you a great nose right out of the bottle with strong candied cherries and some buttercream frosting underpinned with a very subtle touch of white pepper. On the palate, the flavors follow the nose without being overly sweet. The structure is a bit under-powered, and could use a bit more tannic backbone. There’s also some astringency at the front, but this settles very quickly on the mid-palate and becomes smooth and lush. Not a rock star, but all-in-all, a nice bottle at this price.

More info:


Ravenswood is a huge producer of California Zinfandels with around 30 different bottlings listed on their website and designated vineyards all up and down Sonoma.


Unfortunately, you can’t really find anything about the Zen of Zin on their site.  And the bottle doesn’t even say “Ravenswood” on the front.  So, I have to assume that this is a much more generic blend of less prestine grapes from across all of Ravenswood’s vineyards.  If you know more about the story behind this specific bottle, let us know!

Zen of Zin Rating

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