Piattelli Malbec Reserve 2014 – Argentina

Price: $8.97 at Total Wine

Style: The “Tom”

Rating: “Ok”

Recommendation: “Have a glass or two”


This bottle definitely had more complex aromas than most of the Malbecs we’ve been tasting this month. When we first opened it there was a bit of barnyard (brett) that was actually a little unpleasant. However, with a bit of air, that evolved into more earthy, mushroomy scents mixed with stewed plums and dark berries. The complexity of the flavors on the palate was right in-line with the nose. Unfortunately,the body didn’t quite match up to the flavors. It held together ok on day one, but started to feel very flat on the second day, lacking the acidity needed to hold it together. I’d crack this open, let it breath for an hour, and then drink it in one evening.

Winemaker Notes:

A striking, slightly smoky wine with a deep
burgundy hue, Premium Reserve Malbec’s fruity bouquet delights the
senses and warms the palate with notes of blackberries, blueberries
and lavender, lingers with a gentle tannin pull, and finishes with
subtle flavors of toasted hazelnuts.

More info:

Piattelli is a fairly new winery, opened in 2002, and sourcing grapes from vines up to a century old from three different vineyard plots around Mendoza.

Piattelli head winemaker, Valeria Anolin, on the right.  (Credit: piattellivineyards.com)

Wine spec sheet: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sr2vp2knqhurw9w/PRM_2013_Mendoza_Techsheet.pdf?dl=0


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