Atrevida Malbec 2015 (Argentina)

Price: $13.49 at Total Wine

Style: The “Anna”

Rating: “Ok”

Recommendation: “Skip it”


Dark plum, blueberry, and sweet tobacco on the nose. The first sip starts very smooth, but degrades into some rough tannins on the mid-palate. Mild to moderate dark fruit flavors, but fairly muted. You really notice the grippy tannins more than the actual flavors of the wine. The finish is fairly persistent at around 15 seconds. This is better than the Ruta 22 but only by a very small margin. And, unfortunately, it’s priced quite a bit higher ($16.49 on sale for $13.49). At that price, I just can’t justify it.

More info:

As far as I can tell, this must be a private label produced for Total Wine by Manos Negras ( )


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